APEAA 2014 Accommodation suggestions

Special prices and conditions have been offered to the participants in the Conference by the following establishments located in the city centre:

Hotel Faro ****

For further information on the hotel, please go to http://hotelfaro.pt/en

(From April 09 to April 13)

• Single bedroom, with breakfast and Internet : 70.00 EUR (VAT included)

• Double bedroom, with breakfast and Internet: 86.00 EUR (VAT included)

On request and paid on reservation. Please make your reservation using the code "APEAA 2014" through the following address: comercial@hotelfaro.pt

Hotel Santa Maria *** (Faro)

For further information on the hotel, please go to http://hotelsantamariafaro.com/

• Single bedroom, with breakfast: 44.00EUR (VAT included)

• Double bedroom, with breakfast: 53.00EUR (VAT included)

Participants in the conference should make their reservation through the following addresses: assist.hsm@jcr-group.com or hotelsantamaria@jcr-group.com