National Statistics


  Here you can access Portuguese and European statistics: INE (Statistics Portugal), Pordata and Eurostat.

The Statistics Portugal information network in libraries of higher education establishments

The Statistics Portugal's Portal Access Point is located at the Gambelas Campus Library.

It seeks to serve the entire region, allowing researchers, teachers, students, enterprises and the community in general, to easily access all statistical information and services offered by the Institute (INE).

The Statistics Portugal Access Point, has a publication stand and a computer where you can freely access to:

all published information in hard copy or on CD-ROM; online only publications; information published on the (INE) Statistics Portugal's website; press releases sent to the media  and other services provided by INE.

INE's Portal -

The Online Digital Library of Official Statistics  enables free access to the Digital Archive, that contains the images of publications issued by Statistics Portugal since 1864 to 2000, and to the Bibliographic Catalogue that has stastistical data published by other organisations (national, foreign, or international).

Opening Hours of the Library at Gambelas Campus:

Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 20h00

Saturday from 10h00 to 16h00


The Pordata Contemporary Portugal Database contains certified statistical information about contemporary Portugal and Europe, comprising a range of topics from population, education to health, among others. It is available to all citizens and grants accurate and free information.


The Eurostat  is the statistical office of the European Union that provides statistical data and promotes the harmonization of statistical methods across the EU state members.

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