Lagos Ciência Viva Centre

The Lagos Ciência Viva Centre is a place where science, fun and hands-on learning are practiced all year round for and by people of all ages. All are invited to participate in activities and interactive exhibitions.

The Ciência Viva Centre in Lagos is also a space of discovery, with numerous interactive modules and activities developed around the theme of the Discoveries and where History, Science and Technologies cross each other in an educational and entertaining way.

The permanent exhibition "From the Astrolabe to the GPS" allows visitors to discover connections between discoveries of the past and of the present and is housed in a recently refurbished17th century manor that offers beautiful views of the marina and Meia Praia. In addition to the indoor area, the Centre has a Science garden with multiple activities with an area of almost 2000 square meters.

The Lagos Centre is one the 22 members of the Ciência Viva network.


Besides the activities within the Centre, the Lagos Ciência Viva Centre offers different geological field visits both for formal education (schools) and informal education (tourists). The scientific subjects of these visits cover aspects both Geology and Paleontology Natural Heritage of southern Portugal. Several Algarve’s beaches and cliffs could be visited within this CCVL educational offer, always guided by professionals, offering school teachers the opportunity to complement the curricula and the tourists a different natural perspective of Algarve.

Some examples of these visits are:
- Dinosaur Tracks in Salema and Santas beaches;
- Luz beach Geology and Paleontology.


Urban environments were and are tremendous consumers of geologic resources, offering excellent places for Geosciences outreach activities. Starting in 2011 a distinct activity was planned, produced and performed in Lagos – Lagos (Geology at the Corner).

Urban structures – churches, monuments, buildings and urban equipments were the starting point of the geological and paleontological stories that constitute the core of these informal education visits which also combine History and Heritage aspects.

The urban buildings were the narrative tool to these Geosciences stories being the characters the rocks and/or the fossils as well as the city itself.

Beyond the natural science element, the analyzed objects have relevant esthetical, historical or symbolic dimensions, conferring this way two levels of interpretation to the stories: the geosciences level; the other, the Historical and Architectural Heritage.

At the end of this year a bilingual book with geosciences and historical contents of the visit will be edited as well as for the other two Urban Geology/Paleontology visits: Faro (GeoStories of Faro’s Downtown) and Tavira (From the Museum to the Convent).

Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos
Rua Dr. Faria e Silva 34
8600-734 Lagos

Telephones: +351 282 770 000 / 965 149 748

GPS Coordinates: 37.104054, -8.673368

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