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Inter-library Loans

The Inter-library Loan (EIB - Empréstimo Interbibliotecas) is a service whereby you can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by other Portuguese or foreign libraries.

For UAlg's Library Users 

UAlg's Library users must fill in a form "Pedido de EIB" at our service desks or must send an e-mail with the request and personal data to

These requests are subject do deadlines and to the payment of fees according to the corresponding library.

Once the requested items arrive the user receives an e-mail and must go the library's service desk where the request of made.

External Users 

We are able to provide loans and copies of items held within the UAlg's Library collections to other national or foreign libraries, The user must contact the library of his Institution. 

To make a request or find information about the Inter-Library Loan service please send an e-mail to


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