Algarve Ciência Viva Centre

The sea (o Mar) is the central topic of the permanent exhibition at the Algarve Ciência Viva Centre. There is also space for interact with modules related to the physics and the chemistry of light and colour, a room dedicated to the brain and senses, an intelligent greenhouse, an endless energy garden, and a terrace with an amazing view of the Ria Formosa.

The permanent exhibition takes the visitor through different facets of the marine and coastal biosphere of the planet, through a dive from the surface to the depths of the oceans, in an exploratory trip which helps unlock the secrets of the origin and the future of life. 

The interactive modules cover the evolution of oceans, its biodiversity, and the physics of the sea, the environmental and even the economic aspects of human activity related to the sea. There are modules to help to clarify many of the doubts about the physical and geological phenomena associated with the sea and with the forces of nature present in the daily life of marine and coastal biospheres. 

Among the interactive modules we highlight the apalpário (touch tank where visitors can gently touch exemplars of Ria Formosa fauna and flora), the atmosphere and ocean currents movements, the oceans evolution from the Panthalassa to the existing oceans, the volcano, the earthquake simulator (shaking table), the sedimentation tube, the tides, the vortex, the tornado, the surface tension, the Bermuda’s triangle, the Magdeburg hemispheres, the Ocean base, the light through ocean depth, the aquariums of tropical and Algarve waters, and the multimedia applications dedicated to the ocean floors and to the tides. 

The visitors can also interact with a number of modules dedicated to the physics and chemistry of light and colour, to the brain and to the senses. There are also modules dedicated to the solar system.   

Outside the main building, there is the "endless energy" cicada’s garden featuring interactive modules dedicated to renewable energies, where there are “artificial life” and even "technological bugs” powered by the electricity produced in the local solar and wind micro-generation stations. Some "specimens" have the ability to interact with the visitors, and there are "flowers" that react to visitor’s presence. The visitors can also give life to a cascade of energy using their own energies. 

In the intelligent greenhouse, the visitors get to know plants that grow "without soil" in hydroponic and aeroponic cultures, observe "hanging gardens", lettuces fed by fish and even carnivorous plants. 

Finally, the visitors will have the opportunity of appreciate the Ria Formosa from our terrace, where they will find several modules associated to the sun. The Algarve Ciência Viva Centre terrace is a privileged spot for bird watching, since Ria Formosa it is an important stopover area for countless birds making their way to or from Africa. 

Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve
Rua Comandante Francisco Manuel, s/n
8000-250 Faro

Telephone: +351 289 890 920 

GPS Coordinates: Lat. 37º 00' 47.09'' N / Long. 7º 55' 10.08'' O

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