Conference "The Aspiring Geopark Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira

Foto: Marc Boulay, Cossima Productions

On May 11, at 17h00, will be held the Conference "The aspiring Geopark Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira, a territorial development project, which will have as guest speakers Cristina Veiga Pires, Dália Paulo, Paula Teixeira and Luís Pereira.

The Geoparks are territorial development projects, based on the SDGs, carried out in partnership with people and must be appropriated by them, they are pacts of generations for the future. The aspiring Geopark Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira to UNESCO World Geopark is a holistic project for the sustainable management of the territory, based on Science, Education and Culture.

The session will be held via zoom colibri here.